1. SadhuS "The Smoking Community"
    Pireas, Greece
  2. Half Gramme Of Soma
    Athens, Greece
  3. Last Rizla
    Αθήνα, Greece
    Athens, Greece
  5. Gagulta
    Galatsi, Greece
  6. 1000mods
    Chiliomodi, Greece
  7. Korsikov
    Athens, Greece
  8. 45Rats
    Athens, Greece
  9. The Curf
    Αθήνα, Greece
  10. Monk


Fuzz Ink· Records Athens, Greece

Fuzz Ink· Records is the music label subsidiary of Fuzz ink. screenprinting studio.

Fuzz Ink· Records centers on philanthropic goals as well as social well-being. Fuzz Ink· Records releases music by tokers and people who always feel two drinks behind and would otherwise never find the inner strength and mental clarity to do it themselves.

Fuzz Ink· Records cares.
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